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Expansion of our brand at Blanchard and Rossetto has been ongoing for over 40 years now in the Stafford, CT area. We continue to provide efficient and reliable service to our clients in order to help you find the best deals possible for any residential or commercial real estate. Feel free to give a call to one of our agents in order to get started today.


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Realtors for Both Residential & Commercial Properties in Stafford, CT

Residential Real Estate Agents Serving Stafford

Our experienced agents at Blanchard and Rossetto are prepared to help if you are thinking of purchasing a home in Stafford, CT. Assistance from our agents is given every step of the way to ensure that you understand everything involved with the buying process.

Our team wants to make sure that all community members in the Stafford area will receive only the best deals, which is why for any potential residential properties, the realtors at Blanchard and Rossetto will help guide you through every step.

Feel free to contact any of our real estate agents today as you begin the search for your new Stafford home. We want to help find the perfect home for you and your family.

Commercial Real Estate Agents Serving Stafford

The brokers here at Blanchard and Rosetto are accustomed to working with commercial real estate properties. They can assist you in either buying or selling various industrial, office, retail, or agricultural commercial properties located in the Stafford area.

For any advice and assistance that you may need in your commercial real estate journey, you can rely on our team for. Our agents are well informed with the ins and outs of the local real estate market of the Stafford community.

If you are interested in purchasing, listing, or leasing a commercial property or have any inquiries at all, feel free to contact one of our agents today.

What to Know About Stafford, CT

Stafford, CT is located within Tolland County with a population of a little over 12,192 people.

Nearby schools include: Stafford Elementary School, Stafford Middle School, Stafford High School, Staffordville School, and West Stafford School.

You can learn more about this town on the Stafford CT website. 

Our Greater Stafford Real Estate Agents

The realtors at Blanchard and Rossetto continue to provide excellent customer service, as they have for many years working with residential and commercial real estate properties. Our team can always be reached in the case of any questions you may have. We want to provide you with continual outstanding service to ensure the best possible experience.

Richard Allaire CT Real Estate Agent

Richard Allaire

Miguel Castellon CT Realtor

Miguel Castellon

Carol Cavalieri real estate agent in Connecticut

Carol Cavalieri

Donna Connolly real estate agent in Connecticut

Donna Connolly

Patty Cortes CT Realtor

Patty Cortes

David Dyment Connecticut real estate agent

Paula Coughlin

Christine Curtin CT Realtor

Christine Curtin

Lisa Daniels Connecticut real estate agent

Lisa Daniels

Keith DeLaire

Bob Donston CT Real estate agent

Bob Donston

Christy Lofstrom Driscoll Manchester, CT Realtor

Christy Lofstrom Driscoll

Michelle Dubois Hartford Realtor

Michelle DuBois

David Dyments CT Realtor

David Dyment

Tom Ferguson, Manchester, CT Realtor

Tom Ferguson

Steve Garofalo connecticut real estate agent

Steve Garofalo

Nathalee Golden real estate agent

Nathalee Golden

Eric Gregan CT Realtor

Eric Gregan

peggy Gregan real estate agent in Connecticut

Peggy Gregan

Patty Killpatrick CT Realtor

Patty Kilpatrick

Ryan Kilpatrick, Manchester, CT Realtor

Ryan Kilpatrick

Janet Krohn realtor in Connecticut

Janet Krohn

Sara Mcmahon Manchester, CT Realtor

Sara McMahon

Rachel Mckenna real estate agent in Connecticut

Rachel McKenna

Alicia Mercer Manchester, CT Realtor

Alicia Mercer

Selena Nicol CT realtor

Selena Nicol

Paige Niver Manchester, CT Realtor

Paige Niver

Deborah Prior Manchester, CT Realtor

Deborah Prior

Chris Sapia Connecticut real estate agent

Chris Sapia

George Sward connecticut real estate agent

George Sward

Nancy Thurnauer

Cheri Trudon Connecticut Real Estate Agent

Cheri Trudon

What Our Clients Say About Us

About Blanchard & Rossetto

Blanchard and Rossetto have remained, for over 40 years, as a vanguard of many real estate transactions in the Stafford area.

Our reputation for continuously having knowledgeable agents that provide excellent service is due to the professionalism of our owner and broker Bob Blanchard.

Our main office can be found at the intersection of West Center and Mckee Streets. Our specialization is our brokers ability to help with various services from our office for a variety of communities in or around the Hartford area. And this includes helping communities located east of the Connecticut River.

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